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Defensive Driving

Our Defensive Driving Course in Perth

If you want to enhance their driving skills and learn on-road skills and techniques that allow you to avoid harmful situations, or if you want to know exactly how to respond to hazardous on-road situations, then our defensive driving course in Perth is for you.

At City West Driving School, we provide our defensive driving course to develop a driver’s confidence to respond to various situations and to adapt to them safely on the roads.  We teach students in this course to drive on the major roads, freeways and country highways. Furthermore, our specialist instructors will cover all areas from correct entry and exit on freeways to safe lane changing to strategies to deal with ‘tailgaters’. Instructors for our defensive driving course are specialists and offer all the know-how to avoid the perils on the road and develop an understanding of the roads so as to always be a vigilant, safe and competent driver.

Our defensive driving course is both for novice as well as for experienced drivers. Students have used it as a corrective program to eliminate bad habits, as too a refresher course or as an apt way to learn techniques to improve judgement and reaction on the road.

At an additional cost, we can also provide lessons to teach how to respond to some of the more unexpected driving situations. This includes how to change a tyre safely, how to do a basic bonnet check as well as what to do if you happen to have the misfortune of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

At City West Driving School, our defensive driving course has been acclaimed to be beneficial to all kinds of drivers, of all ages and walks of life. We look to guide drivers to be comfortable and secure behind the wheel and equip them to have the skills to respond to a range of possible and unexpected driving situations.