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Lesson Prices



$65 for 60 minute lessons
$110 for 120 minute lessons


City West Driving School offers a full range of driving courses to cover all your driving tuition needs.

Should you have requirements that differ from the list below please contact us to see if we can help.

The most common way to learn to drive is to have one or two lessons a week. When you and your instructor agree you are ready you sit the practical driving test (usually takes between 8-12 weeks). All lessons are structured.

Test Day Packages
$80 Car for use during test
$110 1 hour lesson plus use of car during test
$150 1 hour lesson, use of car during test, plus pickup and dropoff to home

Overseas licence conversion. From $200 Book Now

We recommend a double lesson (2 hours) around the centre where your test will be taken, then a test day lesson (1 hour) and car hire for your test. During lessons we highlight the requirements. Single lessons available at $55.00 lesson rate.

Booster course. (Price RE Students Requirements). Book Now

Designed for pupils that are close to sitting the Practical Driving test and need a short burst of driving prior to the driving test. The test Booster Course is also ideal for those who may have previously failed a driving test and have not had any lessons since.

Refresher lessons – 2 hours $110 Book Now

You’ll feel the benefit of our refresher course

For people:

  • just failed their test
  • have not driven for a while
  • may have lost confidence
  • have trouble merging or
  • driving on freeway or any part of driving that troubles you.

Your City West Driving School instructor will tailor the course according to your individual needs and can assist you with:

  • Night driving
  • Motorway driving
  • Roundabouts
  • Parking (reverse manoeuvre)
  • Traffic signs
  • Speed awareness

The sooner you start; the sooner you’ll be a more confident, safer and aware driver.

Book now on (08) 9243 6738.

Freeway Driving $65 / hour Book Now

  • Entry/exit freeway
  • Blindspot lane changing at freeway speed
  • Overtaking heavy vehicles at freeway speed
  • How to choose lanes

Logbook $2750 Book Now

50 hour pre-test logbook driving as required by the department of transport before you may sit your driving assesment. This works out at $55 per hour which may be
paid in $550 multiples before each 10 lessons start. As a bonus we include a free 1 hour lesson and use of the car for test.

Parents or partners are always welcome to join you for the lessons.

Gift Vouchers Find Out More

From 1 lesson up to 20 lessons.


  • Cash
  • Bank transfer (before lesson)
  • Credit card (credit card fees apply).

A fee of 2.6% + 10c applies to tap, insert and swipe credit card charges. A 3.5% +15c fee applies for card payments manually entered over the phone.