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Driving Lessons in Bayswater

Passing Your Driving Exams with Driving Lessons in Bayswater

Getting a driving license from the Department of Transport can be a big challenge for anybody. Passing the driver’s exam is possible when you study hard and practice well. Also, picking a great driving school within or near Bayswater can help you easily ace the test and get your driver’s license in no time.

City West Driving School Instructors

With City West Driving School, we cater to all kinds of learners and students and we believe that our structured classes and practical lessons can help you in reaching your goals. Our dedicated team of driving instructors are highly experienced when it comes to teaching basic traffic rules and practising driving skills with students of all levels. To make classes more flexible and comfortable, learners are able to choose a driving instructor more suited for them in terms of age, gender, and availability. With a high level of expertise coupled with a great level of patience, our professional driving instructors are able to make driving classes fun and beneficial for learners of all ages.

So if you are looking for the perfect driving school that can help you pass your driving exams, City West Driving School is offering you the best deal for your time and your money when it comes to driving lessons in Bayswater. See our great range of affordable driving courses and flexible class offerings today so you can get started on acing your driver’s exam.


$651 hour lesson
$1102 hour lesson
$200Overseas conversion package. 1x2 hour lesson, 1x1 hour lesson on test day plus car for test.
FreeKeys to drive package. 2 hours for $50. Click here to find out more
$80Test day price. $80 for a car for test or $110 for a lesson and car for test.