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City West

The right driving school for the City West Licensing Centre

For many learner drivers, the experience of learning to drive can be exciting and for others daunting. Whichever type you happen to be, at City West Driving School, we aim to keep driving exciting, fun and pleasant, while never compromising on quality and educating students on sound driving principles and practices. Our focus is and will always be on the driving student and ensuring that they receive the highest quality service so as to excel at driving safely, confidently and competently on the road.

At City West Driving School, our instructors are experienced and highly qualified. They range from young and savvy driving educators to mature and highly experienced instructors. With our mix of experience, dedication and driving experience, we aim to ensure all students are well prepared for their test and their driving future. All of our driving instructors speak clear English, explaining driving principles in a way that is easy to understand and that can be clearly and simply grasped and put into practice. Furthermore, our instructors all have the patience, expertise and personal skills to make the driving experience an enjoyable and effective one for the student.

Our instructors arrange to pick the student up at the start of every lesson. They are punctual and will notify a student if running late. Lessons can be conducted around the City West Licencing Centre and our instructors look to educate students on all aspects of driving. They will track progress of a student and inform them of any areas of improvement and what to continue practicing. They will also encourage a student as to what they are doing well and the areas in which they have seen improvement. Our instructors customise a plan to suit where a student is at in their driving development and tailor it to their specific needs. Once the lesson is over, the instructor will then drop off the student where they picked them up.

At City West Driving School, we provide an extensive array of driving courses and have a pricing schedule that is clear and affordable. We are renowned for the quality of our instructors and enabling students to learn at their pace, while planning lessons to suit a student’s driving ability that allows them to excel behind the wheel.