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Mirrabooka Licencing Centre

The right driving school for the Mirrabooka Licencing Centre

At City West Driving School, we always aim to ensure that the process of learning driving is fun and enjoyable and never daunting or stressful. We look to provide the fullest quality of service for all our students and to teach students sound driving principles and practices in a way that is tailored to their driving capabilities. At City West Driving School, the focus is on the learning development of the driving student and ensuring that they develop to become confident, competent and safe drivers on the road.

We have a variety of drivers to suit the preferences of students. Our instructors range from those who are young with fun yet effective teaching approaches to instructors that are more mature, technical and experienced. All instructors understand the difficulty in learning new driving skills and take this into account to make a driving lesson as comfortable and pleasurable for a student as possible. All of our driving instructors also speak clearly in plain and simple English, and look to explain driving principles and concepts in a way that is easy to understand and put into practice. Additionally, all of our instructors all have the patience, expertise and personal skills to make the driving experience enjoyable and not stressful and scary for a student.

For every lesson, our instructors will pick you up and will drop you off. They are supremely punctual or will notify you if they happen to be running late. All lessons are planned and customised for each individual student. Each lesson is also conducted where it counts: on the roads around the Mirrabooka Licencing Centre. Instructors will teach students on all areas of driving and will educate on the best and safest driving practices. Instructors will also track the progress of a student and inform them of any areas of improvement and how they are developing as a driver. And once the lesson is over, the instructor will then drop you off where they picked you up.

City West Driving School offers a wide range of driving courses and have an affordable pricing schedule. We are known as a driving school with quality instructors that look to develop the skills of students at their own learning pace, and who don’t just look to enable students to pass a test but become a competent, safe and confident driver well into the future.