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Driving Lessons in Scarborough

Here are City West Driving Schools we’ll happily pick you up anywhere in Scarborough and drop you off wherever needed. We want to work for you and give you the best possible chance to be able to pass your driving test.

Scarborough driving lessons

While your initial lessons are going to be able to be completed in Scarborough, we will ensure you have experience across Perth. We also know the common test routes for Perth so it will allow you to have the highest level of confidence when you’re completing your test.

As well as knowing the common test routes, you’ll also be able to rely on City West Driving Schools 20+ years of experience. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting the highest quality of tutoring available.

Learning to drive in Scarborough

We have expert knowledge of Perth, including Scarborough. We allow you to enjoy your lessons in a time and a place that is perfect for you. You can also have somebody you know sit in with you if that will make you more comfortable.

If you’re looking for driving lessons in Scarborough, give us a call and get the benefits of our immense expertise and expertise with the best chance to pass your test.


$651 hour lesson
$1102 hour lesson
$200Overseas conversion package. 1x2 hour lesson, 1x1 hour lesson on test day plus car for test.
FreeKeys to drive package. 2 hours for $50. Click here to find out more
$80Test day price. $80 for a car for test or $110 for a lesson and car for test.