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Driving Lessons in Stirling

Learning to drive in Stirling and the rest of Perth couldn’t be easier with City West Driving Schools. We have over 20 years of experience and that’s going to help you pass your test and have that driving freedom to travel around Stirling and beyond.

Learning to drive in Stirling

As well as serving Stirling, we also serve many other places in Perth. With our wealth of experience and knowledge of the entire Perth metro area, you’ll have a supreme level of confidence when it comes to taking your test.

In order to pass that test, we make having driving lessons in Stirling as easy as possible. This includes having flexibility in the times we provide, the length of the lessons as well as packages that will help you to save money.

Stirling driving lessons

We will be able to pick you up in Stirling and drop you off to wherever you need to be. You also have the opportunity of having someone sit in on your lesson if that will make you comfortable and you can also change instructors if you aren’t connecting.

With City West Driving Schools you’ll soon pass your test to drive around Stirling and beyond.


$651 hour lesson
$1102 hour lesson
$200Overseas conversion package. 1x2 hour lesson, 1x1 hour lesson on test day plus car for test.
FreeKeys to drive package. 2 hours for $50. Click here to find out more
$80Test day price. $80 for a car for test or $110 for a lesson and car for test.