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Driving Lessons in Subiaco

At City West Driving Schools we cover many different suburbs in the Perth area, including Subiaco. That gives us a huge amount of experience to be able to give you all the information and skills you need to pass your test.

If you’re looking for driving lessons in Subiaco then you’ll be in expert hands if you choose City West Driving Schools. We have a dedicated team of instructors and you always have the option of choosing the best driver to suit you.

Learning to drive in Subiaco

Here at City West Driving Schools, we will work with you to ensure that you get the times and packages to suit your needs. This includes picking you up from anywhere in Subiaco to make it as easy as possible to learn.

As well as having expert knowledge of the Subiaco area and the rest of Perth, we also know the common test routes for licensing centers. This will help you to get comfortable with the routes you’ll take during your test.

Subiaco driving lessons

Learning to drive in Subiaco and the rest of Perth with City West Driving Schools would be a great choice. With our expert tutoring, you’ll be able to pass your test in no time at all and enjoy driving freedom.


$651 hour lesson
$1102 hour lesson
$200Overseas conversion package. 1x2 hour lesson, 1x1 hour lesson on test day plus car for test.
FreeKeys to drive package. 2 hours for $50. Click here to find out more
$80Test day price. $80 for a car for test or $110 for a lesson and car for test.